Johnson has been “significantly” improving his condition with Covid-19 since he was taken to hospital

A spokesman for Boris Johnson said Saturday that the prime minister’s health condition is improving “dramatically” after he was hospitalized about a week ago after contracting the emerging coronavirus.

The conservative, 55-year-old leader went out on Thursday evening from intensive care, which he was admitted on Monday.

He was transferred to another department at St. Thomas Hospital in London, where he is subjected to “intensive follow-up during the first stage of his recovery,” according to previous statements.

“The prime minister continues to improve significantly,” the spokesman confirmed on Saturday.

Johnson’s office announced Friday that the prime minister has “returned a bit”.

The spokesman previously mentioned that “his spirits are very high,” adding that Johnson entered the “initial stage” of recovery and that his return to lead the government depends on the “opinion of his medical team”.

Johnson, who was diagnosed in late March, is to date the only prime minister in the world with Covid-19.

The epidemic has so far claimed about 9,000 lives in the UK, one of the European countries most affected by the virus.

Acting Secretary of State Dominic Rapp takes over government business in the absence of Boris Johnson, who “has not yet recovered… and needs enough time” for that, as his father, Stanley Johnson, told BBC News Friday.

“I cannot imagine he will be discharged from the hospital, return quickly to Downing Street and take over without a break”, Johnson’s father added.

The government is supposed to decide next week to extend the isolation period, which started on March 23, to three weeks, which ends on Monday.

Although a formal decision will not be reached before the end of next week, the authorities continue to warn of inaction in the measures of social separation, especially during the Easter weekend.