Business Insider: Joe Biden accused of sexual harassment and the Prosecutor are spreading embarrassing details

US media reported that a potential Democratic candidate in the upcoming presidential election, former Vice President Joe Biden, is facing criminal charges of sexual harassment of a former employee at his office.

The Business Insider website reported on Friday that Prosecutor Tara Reid informed Washington police of an alleged incident that she said occurred in 1993 while she was working at Biden’s office in the Senate.

Reid claimed that Biden “sexually assaulted her in a corridor of the Capitol Building and tucked his hand under her skirt until her genitals touched his finger”.

Reid previously disclosed the incident in a media interview late last month, and Biden’s team issued a statement in which he rejected these allegations at all, describing them as fabricated.

This came days after Biden, his main competitor to stand for the Democratic nomination for the upcoming presidential election, Bernie Sanders, withdrew from the race.

Several women had announced that they had been sexually harassed by Biden, when the former vice president launched a campaign to run for the presidency, but Reid was the only one to claim that she had been sexually assaulted by Biden.