Still conflict between the Likud and Blue and White negotiations preventing the formation of new government in Israel

Negotiations between the Israeli Likud and Blue and White parties to form a united coalition government stopped after the Likud, led by the Benjamin Netanyahu, called for a discussion of the committee’s work method for selecting Supreme Court judges in the entity of the occupation, Stressing that we will not allow any change to the work of the committee.

The Ynet-Hebrew news website, affiliated with the Israeli newspaper Yediot Aharonot, Wednesday, quoted sources familiar with the negotiations as saying that the talks were suspended between the two parties and that the decision to resume them was in the hands of the Likud, which maintains its position on the Judges Committee issue, on Quite familiar sources.

According to the sources in Tel Aviv, the negotiations between the two sides faltered, following statements by officials familiar with the negotiations yesterday evening, who informed that understandings were reached between the two sides on all issues and that work is currently taking place only on the texts and that There is a high possibility that an agreement will be announced last Monday evening, according to Ha’aretz newspaper.

Israeli sources quoted officials familiar with the negotiations as saying that the Likud party agreed to waive its requests regarding the activity of the Judges appointment committee and the issue of the veto, or regarding changing the composition of the committee.

Led by Security Minister Naftali Bennett, the outgoing Israeli Prime Minister attacked Benjamin Netanyahu (leader of the Likud party) and said that Likud transferred power to the Supreme Court and sold the court to the left, they said.