Johnson has left intensive care and directed towards extending isolation in Britain

The British government said after its meeting Thursday that it must be prepared to extend the isolation in the face of the increasing spread of Covid-19 in the country, and this came in light of the improvement in the health of its prime minister Boris Johnson and his exit from intensive medical care .

The admission of Boris Johnson, 55, to the hospital deprived the government of its leader at a time when the United Kingdom was caught in the eye of the emerging Corona Virus storm, with daily casualties among the highest in Europe.

Thursday evening, Johnson, who has Covid-19, was discharged from intensive care but still in hospital, his spokesman said.

“The prime minister was transferred from intensive care to another section of the hospital, where he will be placed under close supervision during the first stage of his recovery,” the spokesman said in a statement.

The country recorded 881 additional deaths of patients with Covid-19, raising the total to 7978 deaths, according to a daily census announced Thursday by Foreign Minister Dominic Rapp, who heads the government temporarily.

Among the victims was a 50-year-old doctor who warned the government of a severe shortage of protection kits for medical personnel.

The official patient death toll was 65077.

Rapp urged the British once again to abide by the instructions of the stone, which is expected to be extended, despite its important economic and social repercussions.

After a government crisis meeting held over the video, which dealt with the future of the British strategy in combating the virus, Rapp said that no formal decision will be taken on extending the closure “until the end of next week.”

The minister considered that it is “too early” to reduce the existing social divergence measures, and indicated that this might happen after reaching the “peak” of the virus, which is expected to occur after several weeks.

“Our current priority is to slow the spread of the virus,” Rap stressed. He continued, “We started to see the effects of the sacrifices made by the people, but” we have not finished yet, we must continue.

The authorities welcomed the emergence of positive signs regarding the number of new injuries and hospitalizations, which could be reflected in the number of deaths, although the number is expected to continue to increase in the coming weeks, according to the government’s scientific adviser, Patrick Valance.

However, there is a fear that declining compliance with the guidelines will lead to a new wave of infection, especially during the four-day Easter holiday, which coincides with an improvement in the weather.

Police, charged with fining violators of the measures, said they would boost their attendance during the extended weekend by increasing the number of their patrols.

The UK has been late in following its neighbors, but has since March 23 called on the British to stick to their homes as much as possible and closed most shops.

Wales did not wait for the London decision, saying that the stone should be extended “several weeks”.

For its part, the police called on the residents of one of the major British cities on Thursday to adhere to the declared almost complete state of closure to prevent the spread of the virus, after it dispersed 660 concerts in just four days.

Greater Manchester police have said they are concerned that more people may ignore the closure during the Easter holiday.

Britain has recorded more than 7,000 deaths from “Covid-19” as of Wednesday.

Government experts expect hundreds of thousands to become ill.

Police said they recorded a “sharp increase” in violations, with 1132 violations recorded from last Saturday until Tuesday.

The violations included 494 home parties and 166 street parties, in addition to dozens of sports activities and other gatherings in the gardens.

“We understand the desire of people to spend time with their families and friends during the Easter period, but it is necessary that we abide by government directives,” said Constable City Police Chief Jan Hopkins.

“We must commit to this to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and the National Health Service, by preventing the spread of this easily transmitted virus,” Hopkins said.

The Guardian newspaper reported that many other police chiefs also expressed concern and called on the government to give them more powers to impose the closure.

The New Hampshire Police can sign immediate fines of 60 pounds ($ 75) for those who violate the rules of closure, and be increased to a maximum of 960 pounds in the event of a repeat offense.

US researchers expect that Britain will record the largest death toll from corona virus in Europe, at a time of growing concern about the economic repercussions of the pandemic in the long term.

According to the German Ministry of Defense in Berlin, the German army is to deliver 60 mobile respirators to British hospitals in order to support the National Health Authority funded by British taxpayers.