Covid-19 deaths in the United States exceed 15 thousand

The total death toll of the new coronavirus in the United States exceeded 15,000 Thursday, according to the Johns Hopkins University census.

The census showed the death toll rose to 15,774 cases and injuries to 43,2596 amid efforts by the country to combat the epidemic.

The death toll from the virus in New York City, Thursday, exceeded seven thousand cases.

The number of cases in New York exceeded that in Italy, and it reached 149,300 cases.

The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, announced at a press conference Thursday, that 799 people died during the last 24 hours in the state, which recorded records of the number of deaths in the past three days, and the total deaths reached 7 thousand and 67 cases.

Cuomo stressed that the percentage of infected people in hospitals recorded the lowest rate since March 19, stressing that this does not mean that the danger has passed and that the city has become safe in terms of the spread of the virus.

Cuomo also noted that the virus has affected the New York economy.

The virus infected, until Thursday evening, about one million and 570 thousand in the world, of whom more than 92 thousand died, while the number of people recovered reached 346 thousand.