Coronavirus might be the final blow to the EU existence

By Syrializm analytics


As most of the countries in the EU are suffering, from the coronavirus pandemic that still harvesting the life of thousands of people with most counties such as Italy and Spain leading the EU countries, which is suffering dearly from the pandemic.

There is no secret that during a crisis such as the current coronavirus outbreak usually take countries individually, despite them being part of union of packet.

As European countries now, are facing the coronavirus each country with its capability, sue countries such as Germany and France for example having same problem, but logic says, since this is a European Union and the countries in it should deal with crisis such as this as a one.

They only serve as one, when the united states order them, but when things matters the people of Europe, they could care less.

Even before the coronavirus outbreak, many EU countries were under heavy economic and social crisis, because the base core of the EU is actually not in the hand of European people, despite the claim of democratic society.

There is no such thing, as matter of fact, there is only some big heads control the fate of the people in the old continent, with seeing countries such as Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Balkan and Baltic countries, who join the EU for spite of Russia not more, and even the US join them to NATO, not because they want to help them, no, they just want to attack Russia.

When Italians remove the EU flag and put the Russian flag instead, this is a clear answer for all these myths.

The countries in the EU, suddenly discovered that they are no good in anything, they are unable to produce masks and medical equipment and cooperate with each other to aid the medical facilities, with proudly EU made medical equipment, and instead of that they went to China, which I believe the coronavirus gave China the Ultimate gift, that will be taken advantage of to strengthen the control not just the EU, but the world.

On the other hand, at that far continent, the leader of the “Free world” we have Trump, which he, I believe, even worse than the coronavirus itself, acting and saying the weirdest things on the time that coronavirus pandemic recorded half a million infected case, and that number is just official, while fact numbers not just in the US, but in many countries around the world surpass the official numbers by far.

As final said, the coronavirus time it won’t be the same after it, if there is an after it, but what is clear that European countries must take the matters by their own hands and look for help from countries that usually demonized by their unreliable media.

Based on that, the nest elections in many EU countries will see the rise of the rightwing nationalist parties, which sick and tired of seeing their own country suffer by the hand of irresponsible EU governments.

This is only the beginning of the nationalists to rise stronger than ever in EU countries.