ABC News: Trump ignored an intelligence report warning of the Coronavirus crisis since last November

ABC News quoted on its website four sources briefed on classified reports that US intelligence officials warned in late November of an infection spreading in the Chinese region of Wuhan, changing lifestyles and businesses and posing a threat to the population.

The website said – in a joint report between Josh Margolin and James Gordon Mick – that fears of what is now known as the Coronavirus pandemic (Coronavirus emerging Covid-19) were presented in detail in an intelligence report in November 2019 by the National Center for Medical Intelligence of the army, According to officials familiar with the contents of the document.

The report came as a result of analyzing wire and computer interceptions supported by satellite images, and the alarm has sounded, because any out of control disease may pose a serious threat to the US forces in Asia, whose information depends on the National Center for Medical Intelligence.

This means – according to the website – that the US administration could have intensified its efforts early to alleviate and contain a crisis that was indications that it would come to the US House.

One of the sources quoted the center’s report that “the analysts concluded that it might be a disaster”, which was reported several times to the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and the White House.

Beginning with this warning last November, the sources spoke of repeated briefings last December for policymakers and decision-makers across the federal government, as well as the National Security Council at the White House.

The sources said that all of this culminated in a detailed explanation of the problem, which appeared in the daily intelligence summary presented to the president in early January, which means that the issue went through weeks of scrutiny and analysis, according to some who worked in preparing the presidential summary from the Republican and Democratic administrations.

One of the sources said that the initial reports from Wuhan may be precedent to what he had seen, adding that “the matter has been confirmed to be reported from the end of November as an issue that the army needs to take a position on.”

The website pointed out that the center’s report was widely available to people who are authorized to view the intelligence warnings, and after that, other brochures were circulated among the secret channels through the government around the time of Thanksgiving.

These analyzes said that the Chinese leadership was aware that the epidemic is out of control, but hidden such important information about foreign governments and public health agencies, according to the website.

According to Mike Mulroy, the former deputy assistant secretary of defense, who now works for ABC News, the matter “could have been a great warning, and all the intelligence-gathering agencies could have pursued it.”

Mulroy, who was previously a senior CIA official, said the National Center for Medical Intelligence was doing a serious job that senior government leaders would not ignore.

He added that “medical intelligence took into account all sources of information, such as pictures, human intelligence and intelligence signals,” and interrupted them “by analyzes from people who know the region, and that was reviewed by experts in this field, and everyone agreed on what this information means from the possibility of a global health crisis.”

The network site indicated that this center is one of the components of the Defense Intelligence Agency of the Pentagon, and its responsibilities with other agencies are to ensure that the US armed forces obtain the information they need to carry out their offensive and defensive tasks, knowing that one of the critical priorities for the Pentagon is to maintain The health of its deployed troops.

In response to a question regarding the warning of the warning in November, as part of a program on “ABC”, Defense secretary Mark Esber told the broadcaster, “I don’t remember, but we have a lot of people watching this closely… We have the first research institute about infectious diseases in America, so our employees who work on these issues monitor this directly all the time.”

Esber also said that he was not aware that there was a briefing on the matter submitted to the National Security Council last December. Meanwhile, the Pentagon, the White House National Security Council and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence declined to comment on the matter.

The website says that critics of President Donald Trump’s administration blamed him for inaction and delay in facing the Coronavirus pandemic, after its invasion of Wuhan and parts of Europe, until it killed more than 12 thousand people in the United States.