Damascus criticizes the statements of European Union officials about easing the sanctions against it and considers the bloc a key partner at the sanctions of Syria

The Syrian official source on Tuesday criticized the statements of European Union officials regarding the easing of sanctions imposed on his country and considered the bloc a key partner in the siege of Syria.

The source from the Syrian Foreign Ministry said, “The statements made by some European Union officials regarding the call to alleviate the unilateral and unlawful sanctions imposed on the Syrian people, are still within the framework of political action and have not yet lived up to the level of real and effective action to lift these sanctions, especially since the European Union is A key partner in the siege of Syria so far, despite the risks posed by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic at this stage.

The source said, according to the pages of the Syrian Foreign Ministry on social media, that “the Syrian Arab Republic whose people have suffered from these unjust sanctions joins countries and bodies that stress the importance of immediate and unconditional lifting of all sanctions, including bank transfers, which were imposed by the United States and the European Union for political ends.

In flagrant violation of international humanitarian law, the sanctity of human life and the most basic human rights”.

The source considered that these statements will not “absolve European officials of responsibility for the impact of these sanctions in hampering efforts to provide the means, capabilities and health infrastructure necessary to address the coronavirus epidemic, and at the same time calls on countries that falsely raise the logo of human rights falsely and fadingly to abandon these policies that have proven unsuccessful, and unite with the international community in its efforts to save humanity from this epidemic that has so far claimed tens of thousands of innocent people throughout the world”.

“Our sanctions do not hinder the provision of humanitarian aid, and we pledge that the rest of the countries will take the same step to ensure that medical equipment that is subject to the sanctions is delivered,” he said at a news conference yesterday, after a meeting of defense ministers of member states of the bloc”, Borrell stated that the talk is primarily about Syria, Venezuela, Iran and North Korea, stressing once again his support for the call of the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to lift the sanctions targeting the health and humanitarian sectors at the time of the coronavirus pandemic.