The Italian mafia trying to take advantage of the coronavirus tragedy to strengthen its influence

An Italian judicial official announced that the spread of coronavirus strongly in the country did not distract the authorities from the movements of the mafia trying to use the crisis to strengthen its influence and increase its activities and show itself as a savior.

“When there is social distress and difficulties for the mafia to think about penetration,” the National Prosecutor General of the Mafia in Italy, Federico Cafiero de Rao, said in radio statements on Tuesday, indicating that my family, “Camorra and Ndrangheta, seeks above all to win social acceptance, sometimes They organize forms of protest, but most of the time they provide the services that the poorest segments of society need, give gifts and then request a refund with interest”.

The judicial official emphasized that “in light of the current emergency situations, our level of caution is at its maximum regarding this type of exotic gifts, which the mafia tries to provide to the poor”, noting that “the poorest social groups are not only the most vulnerable, but also businesses”.

He continued: “Imagine, within a few months, when companies will return to the market, if the state does not interfere with strong support at that time, through what is called: the economic bazooka, then many companies will find themselves surrounded by difficulties, and if the state does not intervene with economic power to give impetus to these institutions, It is certain that the mafia will step in to portray itself as a savior of these companies from the serious crises that threaten them”.

De Rao stressed that “all this will facilitate once again the mafia’s willingness to invest its money”.

And he added, “There is no conclusive material evidence, proving that these events can be linked to the plans of the Camorra or the mafia, but rather it would appear as if they had arisen in light of the social distress independently, and without any mafia plan”.

The National Public Prosecutor revealed that “there are messages and videos for the Camorra men in the Province of Campania, south of Italy who provide pasta and provisions to people to demonstrate their ability to support vulnerable social classes” in the time of coronavirus tragedy.