Russian official reveals the details of the agreement of the oil countries to reduce crude production, the stability of the energy market and the difficulties with Saudi Arabia

Director-General of the Russian Fund for Direct Investment Kirill Dmitriyev commented on the possibility of OPEC Plus and other oil states concluding a new agreement to reduce crude production with the aim of stabilizing the energy market by saying: “We are more close to what many believe.”

“The OPEC Plus agreement is much closer than many people think, and I think the oil market understands the importance of the deal that will bring stability to it,” Dmitriyev said in an interview with CNBC.

“Russia is committed to the deal.

We have come a long way with Saudi Arabia, we have overcome many difficulties, and many have questioned the possibility of concluding the last deal, but we did,” the Russian official said.

Dmitriyev warned that “the global economy is on the brink of recession, so work with the United States to bring stability to the global economy, and the stability of oil prices is part of this work, as America can lose about 10 million jobs if the oil market does not stabilize”.

The Russian “RT” website quoted him as saying that Moscow is working closely with Washington to join the new oil agreement, stressing that Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States must take a joint step to stabilize the global energy market, and not to enter the global economy in the largest Stagnation in “history”.

The OPEC Plus and other oil countries will hold a meeting next Thursday to discuss the conclusion of a new agreement to reduce production, and that nearly a month has passed since the coalition countries failed to agree on terms for extending production cuts, which ended at the end of last March.