Iran slightly accusing China and charges it seriously over the spread of coronavirus around the world and hiding the true number of its victims

Iranian health spokesman Qianosh Jehanpur directed Loma China not to inform the world of the seriousness of the Coronavirus, and accused it of hiding the true number of its victims.

In response to a question to Turkish news agency “Anadolu”, during a press conference in the capital, Tehran, Jehanpur said that “China has made a painful joke to the world through the numbers and statistics that it announced on the deaths and injuries of corona”.

He pointed out that “the countries where this disease spread, she thought that it is lighter than the flu in view of China’s statements, but it is not so”.

The Iranian official stated that the number of deaths and injuries in Tehran had begun to decline, but the number should increase due to the return of residents and the opening of stores with the end of the Nowruz holiday, stressing that “in the event of non-compliance with the measures taken, and disregard for the matter, the epidemic could start again in Capital”.

As of yesterday evening Sunday, Corona’s deaths in Iran amounted to 3 thousand and 603, while 58 thousand and 226 injuries, while the National Health Committee of China said that one death was recorded today, Monday, and 39 coronavirus infections.