Did the Coronavirus emerge from a laboratory in Wuhan?

US media reported what it called a “Surprising Data, claim that the coronavirus exited from a Laboratory in Wuhan”?

The following came in: In 2004, a leak from a Chinese laboratory led to an outbreak of the SARS virus, killing one person and 9 others infected, and the Chinese government said at the time that the leak was a result of negligence, and five senior officials of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention were punished Of which.

After about 16 years of the accident, the information indicates that the Corona virus, which infected more than 1.2 million people and killed about 64,000 others, may also be caused by a leak from a Chinese laboratory in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, according to the English newspaper “Daily Mail”.

High-level English government sources revealed to the newspaper that most of the scientific information confirms that the coronavirus was transmitted to humans in the live animal market in Wuhan, China, but the possibility of its leakage from the city’s laboratory is very likely.

A member of the emergency committee led by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, said that one of the intelligence information did not exclude that the virus had spread after it leaked from the Wuhan City Laboratory.


Evidence of leakage from the laboratory

The committee member, who receives classified information from the British security services about the virus, added that the beginning of the virus outbreak from Wuhan, which is home to the Institute of Virology, the most advanced virus science laboratory in China, is not a coincidence.

He cited the 2018 government-run People’s Daily report, which confirmed that Beijing was able to conduct experiments on highly pathogenic microorganisms such as the deadly Ebola virus.

He also referred to local reports that the Wuhan Center for Disease Control had conducted experiments on animals such as bats to check for coronavirus transmission, and that the virus had spread after the bats attacked and infected the institute’s workers, and then transmitted the infection to the rest of the city’s residents.

The government source added that scientists at the Institute of Virology were the first to suggest that the virus’s genome was 96% similar to a genome common in bats, and this is also not a coincidence.


Patient Zero

The newspaper “Beijing News” had published a report in which it revealed that “Huang Yan Ling” researcher at the Institute of Virology is “patient zero”, meaning the first person infected with the virus, while the Institute denied this information.

This information and evidence is consistent with the information mentioned by writer David Reynolds Ignatius in his article in the Washington Post, in which he confirmed that the virus originated at a location 100 meters from the Wuhan market, where the Wuhan Center for Disease Control is located, and not in the market as the Chinese government claimed.

The report added that the government’s claim that the virus spread after eating contaminated animals is incorrect, because the virus has passed from bats, which are not present on the market at all.


China’s response

Although the Beijing government denied this information, several new laws were issued calling for improved virus management and the creation of facilities to ensure “biosafety”.

In turn, the Chinese embassy in London stressed that these reports completely ignore the huge sacrifices of China and its people in fighting the virus, noting that China has taken more effective and strict measures to contain the virus, and exchanged experiences with other countries.