Coronavirus: over a million and 274 thousand cases, deaths close to 70 thousand, and signs of hope in Europe in the battle against the epidemic

The data gathered for the number of cases of Coronavirus around the world showed that the number of infections in it exceeded one million and 274 thousand as of Monday morning.

The data of the “World Meters” platform, the international specialized in statistics, showed that the total number of injuries worldwide reached one million and 274346 cases as of 0600 GMT this morning.

The data also showed that the number of those recovering was approaching 265,000.

It also indicated that the number of deaths approached 70,000.

The United States leads the world in terms of numbers of cases, followed by Spain, Italy, Germany, France, China, Iran, the United Kingdom, Turkey and Switzerland.

In the United States, the number of injuries exceeded 336,000, along with 9,618 deaths.

Spain recorded 131 thousand case and about 12 thousand and 600 deaths.

Italy recorded 129 thousand injuries and about 16 thousand deaths.

As for China, the first focus of the virus, it recorded 81,708 infections and 3331 deaths.

In the same context, encouraging signs appeared in Italy and Spain, the two countries most affected by Covid-19, in their battle against the epidemic that was sweeping the world, while the United States was preparing for a week that was considered the most difficult.

On Sunday, Italy recorded the lowest daily death toll from the virus, as well as a decrease in critical cases for the second day.

The Italian Civil Defense announced that the number of deaths in the last 24 hours was 525, the lowest daily toll since March 19″.

This is good news, but we must not be complacent,” said civil defense director Angelo Borelli.

In Spain, officials also reported that the number of deaths had fallen for the third consecutive day.

However, the government confirmed that it would extend the near-total closure until April 25.

But across the Atlantic, US President Donald Trump has prepared his citizens for a “very appalling” number of deaths in the coming days, while the number of confirmed injuries in the United States has exceeded 300,000.

In New York State alone, the epidemic center in the United States, the number of deaths has increased over the past 24 hours to over 4,100.

The rapidly spreading virus has caused about half of the world’s population to undergo complete isolation in their homes and turned the lives of billions upside down, while causing a major contraction in the global economy.

With more than 1.2 million people confirmed infected, the virus is putting tremendous pressure on health-care services in rich and poor countries that are finding it hard to find enough medical personnel and equipment.

Pope Francis, the spiritual father of 1.2 billion Catholics around the world, called on people to have the courage to confront the virus.

And the great pontiff, who underwent two examinations of Covid-19, revived the Mass of Palm Sunday through a live broadcast from St. Peter’s Square, from which the large crowds, especially during this period of the year, were absent, while the cathedral seemed almost empty.

As Catholics prepare to celebrate Easter, churches are closed, while masses are broadcast on TV and social media.

Queen Elizabeth II delivered a speech on Sunday urging the British to demonstrate that they are up to the challenge posed by the new Corona.

She warned that things may continue to be the case, but stressed that the collective effort within the framework of a “joint endeavor”, including scientific cooperation, would defeat the epidemic”.

We will succeed, and this success will belong to each one of us,” the Queen said.

In turn, the British government has warned that it may tighten social divergence measures, in an effort to reduce injuries.

Trump said he is “confident” that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will recover from his Coronavirus infection.

On Sunday, Johnson was hospitalized for examination, as the Presidency of the Government announced, ten days after his injury.

Western countries, including the United States, encouraged citizens to wear protective masks, although they initially insisted that only health workers needed to cover their faces, in a complete transformation that angered and confused some people.

The advice came after studies favored transmission of the virus through speech and breathing, not just coughing and sneezing.

WHO is reviewing its guidelines, but is concerned that masks will give masks a “false sense of safety”, leading people to reduce their commitment to hand washing and social estrangement.

Governments have unveiled unprecedented programs to stimulate their economies and alleviate the crisis, but experts have warned that the crisis could increase poverty as millions lose their jobs.

Iran, whose government has suffered a double blow through the spread of the US epidemic and sanctions, has reported that it will allow “low risk” economic activities to resume as casualties decline for the fifth consecutive day.

Some in poor countries feel angry about the decision to stop wandering, which has prevented them from sustaining their day.

“How can anyone stay at home without something to eat?” Said a motorcyclist who uses it as a taxi in Luanda, the capital of Angola, Garcia Lando”.

Dying of this disease or a bullet is better than starvation,” he added.

In Africa as well, Ethiopia announced its first two deaths with covid-19, while authorities intensified tests to obtain a clearer picture of the spread of the virus.