China adopted a firm military methodology in fighting the coronavirus considering it a biological war… the Pentagon is following its path in the face of the wave of high casualties

In record time, China managed to control the “Covid-19” coronavirus despite the country’s vastness and what was said about its weak health structures.

And some news began that she had treated this virus as if it were a biological warfare.

In international reports on the classification of countries in terms of health, China does not rank high, it is behind most European countries, the United States and some of its neighbors such as South Korea and Singapore.

After China announced the stone to parts of the country, especially Hubei Province, led by Wuhan to besiege Coved-19, the Western press went to talk about a health disaster that would hit China and move to the world.

China succeeded in a matter of weeks from the siege of Covid-19 while it moved to the rest of the world, and here it is Italy and Spain, which exceeds China in the number of cases and the dead, and the United States has recorded to date twice the number of injured people in China and more than the dead.

Perhaps the turning point or secret of this success is China’s belief that the virus was spread by the United States, which was stated by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian in mid-March when he threw suspicions on elements of the US military that brought the virus to the Chinese city of Wuhan during the Military Olympic games last October.

And China’s belief in the plot made it believe that it was subjected to a biological war, and in light of this it adopted a purely military plan.

By contemplating the methodology of the Chinese authorities, the military approach is already confirmed.

China has built temporary and field hospitals for people living with coronavirus and isolated them from the rest, as if it were a matter of war wounded.

This was crucial in trapping the virus.

In addition, countries such as France erred in not establishing private hospitals for the injured, as people entered hospitals for heart, liver or bones and were exposed to the virus because of the presence of everyone in the same hospitals despite the allocation of one or two floors for coronavirus patients.

China has resorted to civil medicine crews and the majority of the military medicine who have equipment, on the one hand, the Chinese military doctors were treating patients, and on the other hand, they were taking the fight against the virus Covid-19 as a practice of biological warfare.

After all, biological warfare is the spread of viruses in a society or the world.

Faced with the rapid increase in the number of cases in the United States, the Pentagon decided to adopt the Chinese method and build hundreds of field hospitals in various states to treat patients away from traditional hospitals.

Reuters reported that the Pentagon is searching for hotels, dormitories, conference centers and large open spaces to build up to 341 temporary hospitals.

The Corps of Engineers had converted a New York convention center into a 1,000-bed hospital within a week.