Trump extends guidelines for home stay nationwide until April 30

US President Donald Trump has announced the extension of federal guidelines that recommend that no groupings of more than 10 people are organized and that people are advised to stay in their homes as possible.

Trump said at a press conference Sunday evening that the United States “extends guidelines until April 30 to slow the spread” of the coronavirus.

Initially, when issuing guidelines at the country level, it was planned to continue for 15 days to slow the spread,”where it is scheduled to end next week.

Trump had previously expressed hope that he wanted to reopen the country by 12 next month.

Trump said on Sunday that reducing the death toll from the Corona virus in the United States to just 100,000 would be considered a “good business”, noting that his administration had reduced the number of potential deaths from earlier estimates that were talking to more than two million people.

“If we can keep the numbers low as we say for a hundred thousand, this is a terrible number, and maybe less … So we will have between 100,000 to 200,000 deaths, then we would have all done a very good job,” Trump told the news conference.

The US president added that his previous comment that he wanted to open the country by Easter on April 12 was “ambitious.”

He added, “Easter should be the peak, and the decline must begin after that. We hope that it will be substantial starting from that point.”

Trump, through his Twitter account, praised the high viewership of his almost daily press conferences on Corona virus developments.

“Biased traditional media are crazy,” Trump said, in a clear reference to an article in The New York Times discussing a Trump press conference.

The article quoted television broadcasters Rachel Maddow and Ted Koppel as saying that these conferences should not be broadcast live because Trump previously reduced the seriousness of the health crisis caused by the Corona virus and published false or misleading information.

“See you at 05:00 pm!” Trump said, referring to the press conference scheduled for.