The mayor of Moscow orders all residents to stay home

The mayor of Moscow Sunday ordered residents to stay in their homes from Monday, in an attempt to limit the spread of the new coronavirus in the Russian capital.

Sergey Sobyanin said in a statement, “The isolation will enter into force for all Moscow residents, whatever their age,” while it was only since the last Monday that it covered only people over the age of 65.

He stressed that Moscow residents will be allowed to leave their homes to go to work if necessary and in health emergencies and to supply or go to the pharmacy.

They will also have the right to go out to throw garbage and take a day out for their dogs within a hundred meters from their homes.

The decree stated that special permits would be given to those who would be exempt from the isolation order.

Sobyanin explained that the new rules will be monitored through an “intelligent monitoring system”, referring to a network of facial recognition cameras that were originally used to verify the partial isolation that has been in effect for a week.

“Gradually but strictly, we will strengthen monitoring operations to counter the situation,” he added.

According to a toll issued by the health authorities on Sunday, Russia recorded 1,534 coronavirus infections and eight deaths.

The country closed its borders to foreigners at the end of last week, and only shops that are essential remain open.