Russia could provide Turkey with new air defense systems soon

The Federal Service for Technical Military Cooperation says that in the foreseeable future, Russia expects to provide Turkey with an additional batch of S400 air defense systems.

The director of the Federal Service for Technical Military Cooperation, Dmitry Shogayev, said that the issue of providing Turkey with an additional batch of S400 is still on the agenda.

Russian agencies indicated that Moscow expects to reach an agreement with Turkey on providing it with a new batch of S400 air defense systems soon, noting that this requires certain Turkish participation in the production process.

“The issue of the additional batch of S400 systems for Turkey is on the agenda, and they are not gone, and we are currently working on coordination on the contents of the systems, the date of delivery, and other conditions,” said Dmitry Shogayev, director of the Russian Technical Military Cooperation Authority, on Monday, as the negotiation process is continuing.

Shogayev noted, however, that providing Turkey with new systems requires specific participation by it in the production of systems, but he declined to reveal any details.

The US special envoy to Syria, James Jeffrey, had confirmed earlier that Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S400 missile defense systems is a source of great concern, at a time when Washington is looking for ways to provide support regarding Idlib, Syria.

In 2017, Ankara decided to purchase the S400 system from Russia, after its prolonged efforts to purchase the American air defense systems, Patriot, stumbled on acceptable terms.

The aforementioned system was developed to detect and destroy 600 kilometers away, and it is characterized by its accuracy and ability to destroy ballistic missiles and stealth aircraft.

The system consists of three parts: the first of which is 8 anti-aircraft units equipped with 12 launching platforms, the second part includes command and guidance systems and radars, and the third includes technical support and maintenance.

The system can be prepared for launch within five minutes, and it only takes ten seconds to launch its missiles at a target after detection.

The system is also characterized by the ability to shoot down missiles and missiles at the medium and long term, and it targets targets at a distance of 150 kilometers, at an altitude between 10 meters and 17 kilometers, and uses four missiles of various range.

Simultaneously, the director of the Federal Authority for Military-Technical Cooperation Dmitry Shugayev said on Monday that Russia supplied China with an S400 air defense system under contract and the delivery of the missiles remained.

Shughayev added, “We will complete the fulfillment of our obligations by supplying the missiles planned for this year on time”.