Queen Elizabeth private servant infected with coronavirus

A British newspaper revealed that one of Queen Elizabeth’s two close servants had confirmed his infection with the coronavirus, which raises concerns about the Queen’s health amid the spread of the epidemic in the country.

According to the Sun, the servant, whose job includes serving drinks and meals to Queen Elizabeth, introducing guests, delivering messages and walking the Queen’s dogs.

The newspaper added that “the servant was sent to the house to observe the 14-day self-isolation period”.

The newspaper quoted one of the informed sources inside the palace, saying that “everyone is afraid, not only for themselves, but for the health of the Queen and the health of the Duke, so everyone in the Queen’s vicinity must be subjected to a medical examination, and to ensure that they are free of disease”.

The newspaper also indicated that “the royal family examined 12 people working in the vicinity of Queen Elizabeth, and tests showed that the results of testing with the virus were negative and free from infection with the coronavirus”.

It should be noted that the British Crown Prince, Prince Charles, was confirmed to have contracted the emerging corona virus and showed slight symptoms of the virus.

On Friday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was declared infected with the emerging coronavirus and subjected to two weeks of domestic isolation.

Buckingham Palace announced that Queen Elizabeth met on March 11, Johnson, and on March 12 Crown Prince Charles, respectively.

And Britain recorded, yesterday, Saturday, 2546 new infections with the new coronavirus, bringing the total cases to 17089 cases, as well as 260 new deaths, bringing the total to 1019 ″.

Globally, the outbreak of the newly infected Corona virus that first appeared in central China at the end of last year exceeded 683 thousand infections and about 32 thousand deaths, while the number of people recovered exceeded 146 thousand.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the coronavirus as a “global pandemic”, confirming that the infection figures are increasing very quickly, expressing concern that the infected population may increase significantly.