Israeli newspaper: Coronavirus outbreak will make Israel pay the price of neglecting its minorities

An analysis published by the Israeli newspaper “Haaretz” on Sunday confirmed that the crisis of the coronavirus outbreak will make Israel pay the price of neglecting its minorities, particularly Jews who are religiously radicalized.

The analysis indicated that Israel’s mistaken treatment of its ultra-Orthodox population has already emerged as one of its most serious failures in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

He stated that, over many weeks, many were busy criticizing just referring to this problem, as if talking about it represented “anti-Semitism” targeting a specific sector. He noted that during the same period, the community was left to record increasing numbers of infected cases.

He pointed out that the data of the Ministry of Health is clear: there is a sharp increase in the number of cases in the militant community.

Hundreds of people were infected with the virus within three days, which is much higher than the rate recorded in Israel as a whole.

The analysis pointed out that, despite stressing from the beginning that religious temples are the most dangerous places to spread the infection, the treatment of the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, which includes a health minister affiliated with religious militants, was shamefully weak, explaining that he left the temples open for a long time, to the extent that he remains Some rituals are still allowed although almost everyone has been asked to remain under almost complete closure.

The newspaper considered that the government surrendered to the religious and the militants, who have not yet realized the great importance of time.

Instead of protecting the health of this group, as expected, the government placed this on the shoulders of the rabbis and the clergy.