Russia is close to ending the tests of the new and advanced S500 missile system for the air defense system

The manufacturer of the new Russian air defense system, “S500”, has announced that special tests for some types of new missile systems “are nearing completion”.

“Today’s tests of individual elements of the new generation of the S500 anti-aircraft missile system are being completed in the Russian Federation,” Vladimir Dolbinkov, director general of the Special Engineering Design Bureau (part of the company Almas-Ante), was quoted by the Russian agency “Sputnik” on Thursday.

He added that “the specialists have worked on developing the latest generation of the Triumfator-M anti-aircraft missile system, where tests were completed and completed for the anti-aircraft missile system units, which included a launcher and components of the multi-radar and missile defense system.”

Earlier, the director of the company, “Almas Ant”, Pavel Suznov, declared that “the most promising S-500 air defense system is capable of hitting targets hundreds of kilometers away from Earth”.

On the other hand, for more than a week, ships of the British Royal Navy, backed by helicopters, tracked Russian ships that entered the waters of the English Channel and the North.

The British navy tracked seven Russian warships after “unusual activity” in the North Sea, the British newspaper “Mirror” reported on Thursday.

The newspaper said that the British navy has continued to track Russian ships for more than a week, but it has finished.

The newspaper quoted the British Navy, saying in a statement, that the tracking process was supported by NATO countries.