Its speed exceeds all expectations … Corona deaths exceed 24,000

The number of deaths around the world due to the outbreak of the Corona virus exceeded the barrier of 24,000 cases, while the number of infections reached about 600,000, and about 123,000 cases were cured.

According to the website, which specializes in following up the statistics of the spread of the virus, the number of deaths (up to the moment) reached 24075 deaths, while 122,672 people recovered from the virus.

According to the site, the United States of America topped the list of countries around the world in terms of the number of HIV infections with 85,991 cases, and behind it came China with 8,1782 cases.

Italy came in the third place with the number of injuries reached 80,589 cases, and behind it the fourth came Spain came to 57,786 cases, and Germany ranked fifth with 43,938 cases.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the Coronavirus, which appeared in China late last year, as a global pandemic, stressing that the number of infected people is increasing very rapidly across international borders.

The epidemic forced many countries of the world, led by large countries with their capabilities and population, to take exceptional measures in their countries, varying from the flight ban to declaring curfews and isolating entire regions, and even closing places of worship, to prevent the spread of deadly infections.