Corona is not a conspiracy theory

There are widespread reports here and here, and hearsay here and here that the emerging Corona virus “Covid-19” is created in the laboratory or is a biological weapon, but it seems that all of these are illusions that have no reality in anything.

The agency “France Press” published a report in which it reveals the truth about the origin of the new corona virus, and it was described by hearsay that it is a factory in laboratories as “incorrect” and it is among the rumors and false news that have rocked the Internet about this epidemic since its spread.

Since its appearance and spread, the virus has sparked a wave of false news that deals specifically with the symptoms of infection, prevention, treatment and more.

It is news that would cause harm because it contains false health advice or placebo or provoke exaggerated fear or, on the contrary, alleviate the magnitude of the problem, in addition to losing confidence in health and scientific bodies in the world empowered to determine how to cope with this global crisis.

According to When published by “France Press” in its service to verify false news.

The report pointed out that it was spread some time ago that it states that the virus was manufactured in the United States with the aim of destroying China, Italy and Iran, but that all the information contained therein was fake and had no scientific basis.

The report published a number of evidence, which proves that the Corona virus is not laboratory-created, and that all of these reports fall only under the “conspiracy” theory.

The first evidence, published in the journal “Nature”, which one of its studies revealed that “the new corona virus is the seventh generation of corona viruses that infect humans, and the most prominent previous generations are the SARS virus that causes acute respiratory syndrome that appeared in 2003, and the virus” Mers “causing Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which appeared in 2012 ″.

A number of researchers involved in bacterial diseases, epidemics and immunology participated in the American, British and Australian universities, and published on March 17, 2020.

These researchers concluded by saying, “Our research proves that the emerging corona virus is not designed in laboratories or a modified virus”.

In a separate statement published in the famous medical journal, “The Lancet”, a group of public health scientists warned against the spread of this false information.

“We strongly condemn conspiracy theories that talk about the fact that the new Coronavirus is not a natural origin,” the statement said.