Trump: The Turkish government and Kurdish forces in Syria are ready to conclude a peace agreement

US President Donald Trump has announced the willingness of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the Syrian Kurds to conclude a peace deal, saying that both sides have assured him of their agreement.

“I told them the Turks, they signed the agreement with the Kurds, they reached peace,” Trump said, in an interview with the American “Fox News” channel, today, Tuesday.

But Erdogan did not want to do this.

The Kurds also did not want.

In the end, the so-called Safe Zone was established, which happened recently, about two months ago.

He added: “And here they started the war, and the situation became very bad, and interference was taken by other countries.

And tell them now, they signed the agreement.

And they respond: Yes, we shall.

Turkey extended its control over an area extending 30 kilometers northeast of Syria, as a result of the launch of the military operation “Spring of Peace”, on October 9, 2019, against the Kurdish “People’s Protection Units”, which Ankara considers a terrorist organization and represents a military structure for the “Syria Democratic Forces”.

Relative calm is now prevailing in the region, after Turkey reached two separate agreements with the United States and Russia on October 17 and 22, the first stipulating the withdrawal of Kurdish units from the Operation Spring of Peace process while the second requires that Kurdish fighters be removed from the Syrian-Turkish border to a depth of 30 km South.