Syria records 3 new cases in Coronavirus

The Syrian government announced the registration of three new cases infected with the emerging coronavirus (Covid -19) today, Wednesday.

The Syrian Ministry of Health stated on its website: “Three new positive cases were recorded in Syria infected with Coronavirus, and the three infected cases are from the group that had been quarantined in the Douair area, southeast of the capital, Damascus, last week”.

The Syrian Minister of Health had announced yesterday, Monday, the infection of a girl with the Coronavirus, which was coming from outside Syria.

The Syrian Prime Minister, Imad Khamis, today, Wednesday, issued a decision in which he affirmed the conservatives to immediately activate the role of neighborhood committees and neighborhoods mayors in terms of participating in implementing the measures taken by the government to prevent corona virus and put the necessary instructions for that at the neighborhood level.

The Syrian government had decided to impose a curfew in all regions from six in the evening until six in the morning from today until further notice and to completely close all commercial activities and shops during the period of the ban and take legal sanctions against violators.