Russian Defense: Two military armored vehicles of the Turkish forces were bombed by militants in the Syrian Idlib area

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that today, Tuesday, two armed armored forces of the Turkish forces exploded in the Idlib region, northwest of Syria.

The director of the Hmeimim Center for Reconciliation of the Warring Parties in Syria, which is affiliated with the Russian Ministry of Defense, Rear Admiral Oleg Goravlov, said in a statement on Tuesday evening: “The terrorist formations that are not under the Turkish side continue to take operations to destabilize the Idlib area to reduce the escalation.”

“On March 24, a hand-made explosive device planted by terrorists exploded on a road through which a Turkish convoy traveled while carrying out a patrol near the town of Sefhohn in Idlib governorate,” added Goraflov.

The explosion damaged two armored vehicles and wounded two Turkish soldiers.

He stressed that the terrorist formations carried out during the past 24 hours 7 bombing operations in the Idlib area.

No violations of the ceasefire system were observed by the armed factions loyal to Turkey.

He concluded by saying: “The Russian Reconciliation Center calls on the leaders of the illegal armed formations to abandon provocations with weapons, and took the path of a peaceful settlement of the conditions in the lands under their control.”

On March 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Turkish counterpart, Recep Tayyip and Erdogan, reached a package of decisions to prevent tension in Idlib that includes a declaration of a ceasefire in the region as of 01:00 from March 6, and the establishment of a “safe passage” in specific areas of the road “M4” and the launch of joint patrols since the 15th of the same month.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has previously confirmed that armed groups loyal to Turkey generally abide by the ceasefire, while formations of the for the Al Sham Liberation Headquarters (formerly the Al Nusra Front), which rejected this agreement, continue to launch attacks and bombings.