The United States records more than 100 deaths within 24 hours in coronavirus

The new Corona virus has killed more than 100 people in the United States during the past twenty-four hours, taking the country’s total death toll to 389 as of Sunday, according to an official census of Johns Hopkins University.

The US states most affected by the virus are New York with 114 deaths, Washington with 94, and California with 28. So far, at least 30,000 infections have been recorded across the country.

On the other hand, the office of the US Republican Senator Rand Paul announced on Sunday that he had developed a newborn corona, thus becoming the first member of the Senate to be confirmed with the virus.

A statement issued by one of his employees said that the Senator, who criticized the steps to allocate funds urgently to confront the new corona, is currently subject to quarantine, but without any symptoms.

US Senators are working on a trillions of dollars plan to help the US economy, which has been hit hard by the global Covid-19 epidemic.

Paul voted at least twice against such urgent funding.

It is reported that Paul, 57, is the third member of the House of Representatives to include in the Senate and confirmed with HIV. And it has been confirmed that both members of the House of Representatives bin McAdams for Utah and Mario Diaz-Ballart of Florida have contracted the disease.

His office statement stated that Paul “feels fine and is currently being quarantined.

There are no symptoms and he has been tested for extra caution due to his frequent travel and many occasions.

The statement said that Paul had no information about any contact with an infected person.

He added that the Senator’s office in Washington began working remotely ten days ago, and that “none of the employees practiced any contact with Senator Paul”.

It was not clear when exactly he was tested.

Paul on Wednesday voted against a $ 100 billion economic stimulus package designed to combat the virus.

The plan, which was approved by 90 votes to eight, provides for free Covid-19 tests and paid sick leave for some affected employees.

Paul called on Congress to fund the measure by cutting funding for wars or other “trivial” programs.

He called on his colleagues to “stop approving spending money-wasting projects”.

Earlier this month, he opposed a bipartisan plan for urgent funding related to the emerging Corona fight.