The Guardian: Seven Days Changed the World

The Guardian published a report by Michael Safi titled “Seven Days Changed the World… How the World Woke Up to a New Reality”.

The report says the epidemic has brought about a total turnaround in life in China, and life has been stalled in Italy and Iran for nearly a month.

“But it seemed surprising when it seemed as though the countries had built walls around themselves and had become whole countries in quarantine”.

The Report says that after a month of governments discussing how to deal with Corona, the restrictions came accelerating one after another.

“We are at war,” declared French President Emmanuel Macron.

But with not enough weapons to fight the virus, and a lack of enough hospital beds, the world decided to withdraw tactically.

The newspaper adds that Spain, with a population of 47 million people, has been closed since Sunday morning, and the number of people who died as a result of Coronavirus infection reached 288.

Germany has closed its borders with France, Switzerland and Austria, whose adviser Sebastian Kurtz has warned that the coming weeks will be “difficult and painful”.

In Mafraq, a small town in Jordan, Reem Ahmed, a Syrian girl, did not go to school for the first time since last September, and the past six months have been the almost normal period she spent years, after attending a school set up by a Syrian refugee relief organization.

However, schools in Jordan suspended their lessons to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

On Sunday, Reem spent tears, telling the newspaper, “I have friends at school and I’d like to see them”.

In Las Vegas, Rocky Gedik, an emergency doctor, completed his sixth shift in a row without stopping, and his most recent work time saw a patient with respiratory complications from being infected with the Corona virus.

The newspaper says that overnight we woke up to a new global reality created by the Coronavirus.