France announces that Corona’s deaths have risen to 674 people and more than 16,000 cases

The French Ministry of Health announced on Sunday that the number of deaths resulting from infection of the new Corona virus has increased to 674 people.

The ministry added that the cases also rose to 16,18 people, according to Bloomberg News.

On the other hand, the French Parliament adopted on Sunday a draft law that would allow the imposition of a “health emergency” for two months in order to combat the outbreak of the new Coronavirus.

French lawmakers voted on the text by show of hands, and the largest number of them were absent due to health reasons.

The adoption of the House of Representatives came shortly after the French Senate approved the bill by show of hands.

The state of health emergency imposes restrictions on public freedoms that will be applied for a period of two months “from the entry into force of the law”, that is, to publish it in the Official Gazette, which will happen quickly.

A state of health can be ended by decree if the health conditions improve.

In addition to a health emergency, the bill allows the government to take a set of measures to support companies on the basis of orders, and activates the postponement of the second round of municipal elections that held its first session on March 15.