Corona’s outbreak is “accelerating” in Britain and the government is asking a million and a half to stay home

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned on Sunday that the spread of the Corona virus in the country is “accelerating”, while the British government on Sunday asked 1.5 million people who live in the country and are considered the most vulnerable about the virus, to stay with their homes for 12 A week.

Johnson’s warning came amid growing debate about whether residents are taking seriously warnings of social divergence, and whether the government should impose greater restrictions.

“The numbers are very high, they are accelerating…

We are just two or three weeks away from the situation in Italy,” Honson said.

The Italians have a great health system, yet their doctors and nurses are very burdened”.

Johnson’s appeal came after the Ministry of Health’s latest figures showed that 233 people had died of the virus in the United Kingdom, while the number of confirmed people had reached 5,018.

The government has drafted an emergency law that gives police, public health and immigration officials powers to contain the virus.

On Friday, the British government announced tough measures to try to combat the spread of the disease, including the closure of bars and restaurants.

Communities Minister Robert Jenrick told Sky News Sunday morning that if residents did not follow the government’s advice, “she would have to consider other options”.

In response to a question about whether the government was slow to act and take protective measures while Britain appeared to be following Italy’s lead in terms of casualties, Genrick said he did not think so.

As part of recent measures to protect those at risk, the government has advised people who have serious health problems such as bone or blood cancer, cystic fibrosis, or have had organ transplants, to do their utmost to protect themselves from the virus, including by isolating themselves in homes for a long time.

“People should stay in their homes, protect our health system and save lives,” Jenrik said in a statement.

He added that the government requires people who are very vulnerable to take additional steps to protect themselves.

A statement from the Communities Directorate said, “For people belonging to one or more groups that are at risk, their general practitioner or specialist clinic or both will contact them or strongly advise them to stay in their homes for at least 12 weeks”.

A telephone line will be devoted to helping those who need it most, and arrangements will be announced for the delivery of medicines and items to the homes of the isolated people.

Paul Johnston, director of public health in England, said those contacted should “not go out for shopping, entertainment or travel”.