Chinese President sends urgent messages to the world about the Corona virus, expresses solidarity, calls for cooperation to defeat Corona epidemic, and declares his readiness to help

Chinese President Xi Jinping said that humankind can defeat the Corona virus, but only through solidarity and joint efforts, calling for building a global community with public health.

XiJinping said in a recent message of “sympathy” sent to the Spanish king, Philip VI, that their two countries would achieve the final victory over the infection of the new Corona virus “COVID-19” “certainly as long as they make joint efforts with the international community.”

“China strongly supports Spain’s efforts and measures to combat the virus, and is ready to share experiences of infection prevention and control, as well as diagnostic and treatment plans and provide assistance and support within its capabilities,” he said.

The Chinese president added that the fate of all humanity is shared, stressing that this challenge can only be overcome through “solidarity and coordination”.

In another message to French President Emmanuel Macron, Xi Jinping said that China is ready to work with France to support international cooperation in preventing and controlling the emerging coronavirus disease and building a society that has the common health of mankind.

Noting that public health security is a common challenge facing humanity, he said, the Chinese government and people strongly support France’s efforts against the disease and are ready to support cooperation with it and win together in the battle through support and mutual assistance.

He stressed that China and France, as permanent members of the UN Security Council, share an important responsibility, which is to protect the lives and health of all humankind.

Xi said China is “ready to make concerted efforts with France to enhance international cooperation in preventing and controlling disease and supporting the United Nations and the World Health Organization to play a fundamental role in improving global public health governance and building a healthy society for humankind”.