Trump asks for help from Syria and reveals a message he sent to Damascus

US President Donald Trump said that his administration has requested assistance from the Syrian authorities in liberating his country’s citizen, journalist Austin Tice, revealing that Washington has sent a message to Damascus on the matter.

“We are counting on help from the Syrian authorities, and we recently sent a message to them,” Trump said at a news conference on Thursday.

Trump indicated that the United States was making every effort to release Austin, and continued: “Oh Syria, please, cooperate with us, think about all the good things that we did for Syria. We got rid of the ISIS caliphate.

We did a lot for her, and we would be very thankful if they released Austin quickly”.

Austin Tice, the American journalist who collaborated with a number of media outlets in his country, lost in 2012 while in Syria, while his government claims he is being held by the Syrian authorities, on the fact of many images in the media showed that he was kidnapped by extremists in Syria.