Putin: I am not a Tsar!

In an interview with Russian news agency Tass, Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed that he does not agree with those who call him a Tsar, noting that the Tsar is the one who issues orders, while the president works every day.

“This does not match the reality,” Putin said, while answering a question about his opinion of his designation of Tsar.

I work every day, stressing that he does not rule like Tsar.

The Russian president continued stressing that “the Tsar is the one who sits, looks from above and says: (Here he issued the order, and there they will do something), but he himself (the Tsar) suffices to experiment with his hat and look in the mirror”.

Putin, who has held senior leadership positions for 20 years, acknowledged that he had “not crossed his mind” that his stay in power would be long, adding that he was definitely not believed to be in this place, and he never imagined it.

And about the possibility of “getting out of the race” at some point, the Russian leader saw that in such a situation he had a sense of responsibility “what is happening, how it is happening and what will happen”.

The Russian president stated that in 2008 he did not know that he would return to the presidency again after four years, but he did not rule out such a possibility.

Speaking of the joke of the Russian comedian Maxim Galkin, who mentioned that Putin is not a title but a job, the country’s president said: “A person who does not have any job can joke what pleases him.

His joke is getting popular”.