A US Vice President’s aide infected with emerging coronavirus and virus arrives in the Pentagon and about 2,600 US military personnel in Europe are quarantined

Medical examinations have shown that an aide to US Vice President Mike Pence has been infected with the emerging coronavirus, a spokeswoman confirmed Friday.

“Neither President Trump nor Vice President Pence was in close contact with him,” Pence spokeswoman Kitty Miller said.

Pence is mandated by the US President to coordinate the fight against the epidemic in the United States.

On the other hand, the US Department of Defense reported that at least two of its staff working at its headquarters were infected with the emerging coronavirus, in the first official confirmation that the disease had reached the Pentagon.

The US Air Force Command said, in a statement issued Friday evening, that a staff member working in the office of the Health Agency of the Department of Defense in Virginia recently underwent a new examination of Corona virus that gave positive results, noting that he visited the Pentagon headquarters for the last time on March 16th.

The Air Force Command added that he later received medical assistance and placed himself in a domestic quarantine, noting that all the people who entered into direct contact with him were informed of the situation, and they were all required to adhere to the instructions of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The statement also mentioned that a military contractor who is part of the Air Force and works at the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense who has undergone a special examination for the virus also gave positive results, pointing out that he visited the Pentagon for the last time on March 2, and began receiving medical assistance and put himself in homeless since March 7.

She reported that the contracting military recently visited a forum at Andros Base, Maryland, and everyone who contacted him was subjected to health monitoring, but the Virginia Department of Health, who followed up on his condition, indicated that the risk from the person was low because he had not had any symptoms in Back then.

This statement confirms the first official announcement by the US Department of Defense that a “COVID-19” infection has reached the Pentagon, while Washington previously reported that a large number of its military personnel are infected with the virus, while about 2,600 of its military cadres deployed in Europe have quarantined themselves.