Voyenne Observer: The dollar against the euro: The Euro-Atlantic unit collided with the epidemic of Corona

Under the above headline, Gennady Granovsky wrote, in “Voinet-Ozbreni”, the possibility of the Corona epidemic breaking the back of unity on both sides of the Atlantic.

The article reads: The European currency, which appeared at the turn of the century, quickly turned into a world currency, occupying a share of international payments.

Trump understands this well, as he realizes, how commodity production fell in America.

This trend appeared in the second half of the last century.

Then, American companies transferred their dirty and harmful production to third world countries.

Then she was tempted by cheap labor.

Other companies moved their production from the United States of America abroad.

It is no coincidence that Donald Trump much criticized the dominance of European goods in America (in particular, the German auto industry).

Europeans do not suffer from surplus American goods, except for Hollywood movies.

Trump stressed on Twitter that a 30-day travel restriction from Europe would not affect trade”.

The restrictions are stopping people, not goods,” the White House master said.

While the experts saw in these words an outright deception, because goods cannot move without the support of people.

Rather, Trump is acting logically.

In the context of the global turmoil that has begun, everyone behaves as it suits.

However, what about Euro-Atlantic cooperation and unity, which in recent decades has formed the core of the global economy?

This construction appears to be falling apart.

The rules of the game and the geopolitical processes of the world are changing.

It cannot be ruled out that the Corona virus epidemic is just an excuse to separate the former allies.

The world has witnessed a clear conflict of interest for both parties for several years.