The US Congress passes a $ 100 billion plan to ease the repercussions of corona for workers

The US Congress approved a $ 100 billion aid plan on Wednesday, aiming to ease the repercussions of the emerging Corona virus on workers directly affected by it, at a time when the White House and members of Congress are negotiating a huge plan to revive the economy that could reach Its value to 1300 billion dollars.

President Donald Trump supports the text that was adopted on Wednesday by a large majority during a Senate vote with a majority for Republicans, and is therefore expected to sign it quickly in preparation for its entry into force.

The text got 90 votes in favor and 8 against, and he won during the voting on him on Friday night in the House of Representatives, where the majority of Democrats, 363 votes in favor and 40 rejects.

The text, reached as a result of difficult negotiations between Democrats, Republicans and the White House, aims to enhance social protection for Americans in the face of the virus that has killed 110 people in the United States and infected nearly 7,300.

The text, entitled “Families First, is a law to tackle the emerging corona virus,” and states that “the examination is free for everyone who needs it, including those who do not have insurance.”

The law also provides easier access to unemployment insurance, as well as to nutrition vouchers, especially for school-deprived children.

He is also releasing federal funds to fund the Medicaid program that covers health care for low-income Americans.