Did Americans deploy Corona during the Military Olympics in Wuhan five months ago?

Five months ago, on October 18, 2019, China hosted the Military Sports Olympiad, and this is not the point.

At that time, the Military Olympiad was held from 18 to 27 in its seventh edition with the participation of 9308 athletes from 140 countries who competed in 316 competitions in 27 sports.

The Military Olympics has been a guest of Wuhan, which, after a short period, has become the source of the Corona virus, and this is not the point either.

Concerning that Olympics, he drew attention to the fact that the United States Mission stayed in a hotel near a seafood market in Wuhan, and that the mission did not include competing athletes according to the opinion of “electronic activists”.

The bottom line is, the World Health Organization first followed reports on this virus in Wuhan at the end of December 2019, i.e. just two months after the end of the military competition, is there any link?

Of course, if we read the statements made on the twelfth of this month by Chinese government spokesman Zhao Lijian, which he posted on his Twitter account, saying, “The US military may have brought the Corona virus to the Chinese city of Wuhan, which was hardest hit by the outbreak”.

“When did the disease appear in the United States?”

Jian wrote in English. How many people were injured?

What are the hospital names? Perhaps the American army brought the epidemic to Wuhan… be transparent (!) Declare your statements (!) America owes us an explanation”.

Is it a coincidence that the accusation was Chinese and directed against America and especially its army, especially that elements of this army were present in China, particularly in Wuhan, and more specifically near the seafood market, which was apparently the epicenter?

Perhaps it is no more than speculations, analyzes and delusions, but the context of the events imposes it on any follower, especially since other Chinese accusations were issued later to the United States, which responded completely in the negative.

To the press trustworthy, an analytical link between places and dates is possible and possible, but the accusations made by “electronic activists” that the American mission to the Military Olympics did not include competing athletes and did not achieve unreliable results.

Although the United States Mission in this Olympics ranked 35th out of 56 countries that won medals with three silver and five bronze medals and without any gold medal, they did not initially show interest in this competition.

In the sixth Olympiad 2015 held in Moon Jeong in South Korea, the Americans ranked 23 (2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze), and ranked in the fifth Olympiad in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ranked 30 (1-1-3) with their ranking Fifteenth in the Fourth Olympiad in the Indian city of Hyderabad (2-6-2).

So, the foregoing may be merely meaningless analysis, and may contain all the meanings, and if what has been confirmed by groups on the media has not yet been confirmed that China has opened an investigation regarding the American mission that participated in the Military Olympics in Wuhan…

Is it possible that the Americans have brought and spread the virus during the military Olympics in Wuhan five months ago?