Trump expects the epidemic to end in the United States in July or August and calls for avoiding any gathering of more than ten people in an attempt to avoid the outbreak of the Corona virus

US President Donald Trump called on Monday to avoid any gathering of more than a dozen people in an attempt to avoid an outbreak of the new Corona virus, expecting the epidemic to end in the United States in July or August.

“My administration recommends that all Americans, including the younger ones and those in good health… avoid the gatherings of more than a dozen people,” the US president told a White House press conference.

On his expectations regarding the extent of the epidemic, he said, “If we do a good job… people talk about July, August, something like that.”

Trump asked the Americans to be prepared for a long battle that could last months to fight the pandemic.

The Republican president acknowledged that the US economy might be heading towards deflation due to the epidemic, and he said, in response to a question in this regard in the White House, “It may be possible.”

On Monday, the New York Stock Exchange witnessed the worst trading session since 1987, and the Dow Jones index fell 12.9 percent, or nearly three thousand points, to 20,188.52.

The S&P 500 fell to 2,386.13, down 12 percent, while the Nasdaq fell 12.3 percent to 6,904.59.

On Sunday, the US Federal Reserve announced a set of radical measures to enhance confidence and maintain the financial sector, reducing major interest rates to almost zero, against the backdrop of the effects of the Corona Virus outbreak.