The first bilateral debate between Biden and Sanders candidates in the midst of the primaries was “Corona” virus whose main title

Joe Biden, the favorite to win the Democratic nomination for the American presidency, and Bernie Sanders, the former leader in the primaries, face Sunday in a televised debate in the context of the Democratic candidates race that was overshadowed by the outbreak of the Corona virus.

The CNN Theater will appear empty in comparison to previous debates that gathered more than twenty candidates on two consecutive evenings in the beginning of the primary elections.

This debate will be held at 20:00 (00:00 GMT) on Sunday night-Monday and will last for two hours, the eleventh in the current Democratic primary elections, in which Biden, the former Vice President, will face with Sanders, the Socialist Senator.

The debate is taking place on the eve of a new round of primary elections on Tuesday in major states such as Florida and Ohio.

On Wednesday, Sanders announced that he remained in the race to win the Democratic nomination card for the US presidential elections, despite a series of severe defeats by his opponent, Joe Biden, stressing that he intended to “do everything” to defeat Donald Trump in November.

The 78-year-old independent Senator told a news conference in his city of Burlington, Vermont, that he looked forward to participating in the scheduled TV debate between him and Biden on Sunday evening.

He said that this debate, in which he will meet for the first time with the former vice president, “will be an opportunity for the Americans to know who is the best” to defeat the Republican president.

Sanders stated that his main priority is to defeat “dangerous” Trump.

Biden announced on Tuesday that “Sanders” would reach out to defeat Trump in the November elections.

“I want to thank Bernie Sanders and his supporters for their passion and endless energy”, said Biden, who represents the moderate current in the Democratic Party.

He added in a quiet speech that he shares with Sanders a “common goal”, stressing, “We will defeat Donald Trump… and we will unite this nation”.