“Urgent Appeal” from Zarif to the world: Help us confront corona… virus doesn’t recognize and humans also must not distinguish

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday issued an urgent appeal to countries of the world to help his country in dealing with the outbreak of the Corona virus.

This came in a Tweet posted by Zarif via his account on Twitter under the title “Urgent”.

Zarif indicated that the virus has claimed 429 lives in Iran so far.

He stressed that his country urgently needs medical supplies and tools to combat the coronavirus.

The Iranian minister included a list of the needs of the Iranian Ministry of Health in this framework.

He said: “The virus does not distinguish, and humans must not distinguish.”

Among the needs that Iran is demanding to confront “corona” are 172 million masks, 100 million gloves, 3 million and 200,000 test kits to detect the virus, and a thousand respirators, according to the regulation published by Zarif.

Earlier today, Iran asked the International Monetary Fund a $ 5 billion loan to combat “corona”, which has spread widely in the country.

The governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Abdel Nasser Hamti, said in a post through his account on “Instagram”, that he sent a message to the Director of the International Monetary Fund Christina Georgieva, explaining to her that his country wants to take advantage of the Fund’s funds allocated to the countries affected by corona.

He added, “My concern” that Iran needs economic support to confront the virus, which has spread to all provinces of the country.

Georgieva had said earlier this month that the countries affected by corona would receive quick funds to tackle the virus.

According to official data, the number of victims of the virus in Iran reached 429 deaths, 10 thousand and 75 infections.