The Middle East-conflict in Syria… the Iranian-Israeli confrontation in light of the Russian and US presence

By: Syrializm Analytics 


Here we are entering this month (March 2020) the tenth year of the war in Syria, this war that has passed through the country almost completely and has made its borders and lands open to various international powers, and has become one of the hotbeds of international terrorism.

Despite all the talk of the United States and Europe about fighting terrorism, we find it in Syria stands with the terrorists, while Europe faces the nightmare of migrants and refugees, which remains a threat to their societies, not as a social or economic problem, but rather a problem of the ability of European societies to accept those coming to life in their countries.

Can they accept their beliefs, which are almost completely incompatible with the Western-style and way of life, and at the same time, the presence of terrorists’ remains among the refugees coming to Europe, whose presence in these countries will be more like a time bomb waiting for the zero hour?

Our topic is not the West, not even the United State, but the root of the problem, there, which is located in Syria.

Territories have for years now been devastated the country, full of killing, destruction, after years of being one of the most secure and influential regions in the world despite the presence of many social problems and corruption and transgressions, but it has been one of the safest countries of the region who’s filled with various conflicts and wars based on economic or religious, and even national.

The ruling regime in Syria, which is the legal system in the Syrian capital, Damascus, despite some media and western leadership claims, the regime that leads Syria, is the one who has international recognition, and it is an unambiguous fact.

The government was subjected to the threat of its downfall, and without going into the story of the Syrian war, which can be told in several scenarios, but it remains a logical basis, as no country in the world can surrender and be silent when it raises arms in its face, even if it is the bad side.

Even Mr. Trump will use the army, on any armed rebel force against him, and we may witness if that happened splits in the ranks of the US army, complete as it did in the Syrian army.

The problem in Syria, which everyone should not deny, is that it is still practically at war with Israel, and it has occupied the land since 1967, so if there had been an Israeli embassy in Damascus, Bashar Al Assad would have been a statue in the Oval Office in Washington, and it was from Western media describe him as a dictator and criminal, he, in fact, will have a Nobel peace prize, if he just says to Netanyahu, welcome to Damascus!

Certainly, there will be no Iranian presence in Syria at that time, and there is no need for a weapon in the hands of those described as resistance against Israel, no Hezbollah presence, and no absolute Arab hostility to Israel.

Here lies our problem.

The conflict and war with Israel involve Syria, Iran, and its militant groups, such as Hezbollah and the Palestinian factions, on one side, and Israel on the other.

Looking at the map, we find the United States is present militarily in Iraq in one form or another, and in the region of East Euphrates and northeastern Syria within military bases, and works with forces that called the Syria Democratic Forces, SDF, which consist mostly of Kurdish units that are the first enemy of Turkey.

American forces fully control all Syrian oil fields in the Eastern Euphrates region and northeastern Syria, and therefore more than 80% of Syria’s total energy wealth is not under the control of the Syrian government, which greatly affects the devastating economic situation in the country.

The Russian presence, which began with Russia’s military intervention in the autumn of 2015, after ISIS was approaching more and more closer to the Syrian capital, and many opposition and terrorist groups took control of large areas of Syria.

With the legal Russian military presence considering its formal entry into the country, just as is the case with the Iranian presence from the Syrian official side, we find the Turkish military presence in areas in the north of Syria with the presence of Syrian armed opposition groups operating under the command of Turkey, which controls those areas with The Turkish military presence in the form of control and control points leading to the Idlib governorate, which is currently the last spot of the terrorist presence in Syria.

In light of this entire atmosphere, Israel continues to carry out attacks inside the Syrian territories by means of air raids with lunching missiles attacks without entering Syrian airspace, aimed at specific targets in areas inside Syria, in which elements belonging to Iran are present.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continued to vow and work to eliminate Iran from Syria, in order to ensure Israel’s security and remove the existential threat that, according to the Israeli position, is the presence of Iranian forces and forces loyal to them, such as the Lebanese Hezbollah.

Of course, the United States has its mission to stand in the same Israeli trench and is very keen to get the Iranians out of Syria, while facing Iranian rule as a whole, which it is doing through the imposition of severe sanctions and large armies against Iran, in which almost all the Gulf states come in the same the anti-Iran stance, in particular Saudi Arabia.

Therefore, the United States has been working since Donald Trump took power to close the case of the Arab-Israeli conflict and end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict by imposing a plan known as the Deal of the Century, an Israeli plan par excellence.

In spite of the confusion of the positions of most Arab countries towards this deal, in particular, countries that have relations with Israel and are considered for long as part in the conflict such as Egypt and Jordan, this matter remains the basis of wars in the region, and this deal in practice will not solve or end the conflict even if it is supported by several Arab countries, each of them, of course, has its own reasons, but the main objective remains anti-Iran, and therefore Sunni Islam has become an ally of Zionism in the face of Shiite Islam!

As for Russia, which is known historically as the second mediator for peace between the Arabs and Israel and that was part of all events in the region.

Certainly, Russia is not an enemy of Israel, but in return, it cannot deal in the same way as the United States, for example, with Israel.

Someone might say that the whole matter is just an exchange of roles between the great powers to exterminate influence in the world.

Actually, none of the parties in the Arab-Israeli conflict including Syria objected to recognizing the existence of Israel, In the end the Syrian Army did not get into battles in 1967/1973/1982 with ghosts!

They say you fought them, sure is you recognized them.

But, that proper recognition within a clear principle which is resolutions issued by the United Nations, and none of which were implemented by Israel, such as resolutions 242 and 338, which stipulate that Israel should withdraw from occupied Arab lands (And not the occupied Arab territories), and there is also Resolution 425, which demanded that Israel withdraw from southern Lebanon, which Israel forced in 2000 to implement, after the continued Lebanese Hezbollah military operations against the Israeli presence in southern Lebanon.

For years, the first mediator for peace, the United States of America, has been vetoing in Security Council against any resolution or even draft resolution condemning Israel’s actions, while it is surprising that the United States and most of its tails from Western countries, didn’t like the fact, of Russia and China use the right to veto any decision targeting the sovereignty of Syria, the unified state, with its area and international borders recognized by the United Nations.

The world today is facing Coronavirus, which is a different kind of confrontation.

Coronavirus has begun to harvest thousands of people in many countries of the world, targeted primarily China and Iran, but in return, it has started targeting many countries in the world.

Currently, the global situation faces many aspects of anxiety, especially the impact of coronavirus attack on the global economy, which is already suffering from many tremors, in addition to the economic war that is still raging between the United States and China, and what is happening recently, from the game in increasing oil production, which contributed to lowering its prices, and it targets primarily countries like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran.

As for Israel, whose domestic situation facing the coronavirus is still like most of the world, while awaiting the fate of forming new Israeli government between the candidates Benny Gantz, the former Israeli chief of staff who leads a blue-white alliance on the one hand, and Benjamin Netanyahu, the most arrogant Israeli prime minister in history, who is facing court trials for corruption charges, with news of his possible infection with the coronavirus as well.

The funny thing is that Syria, which is the country that is a big mess, at least until this time, there is no official announcement of any coronavirus case.

Syria is still in the midst of a war that has been going on for 10 years, and with Putin-Erdogan recent ceasefire agreement, through which credited the results achieved militarily, in fact, forced Erdogan, who’s facing big challenges inside Turkey, was forced to acknowledge Sochi agreement that Erdogan and Putin reached more than a year ago, and Turkey did not implement.

The existence of the danger of a regional war at the present time remains, but in terms of the theoretical situation is far, given a large number of issues that will occupy most of the countries of the region for years.

With the war against coronavirus, the government of Israel is still looking for political stability, also waiting for the fate of the war in Syria, the general Turkish position, and the Kurds, conflicts of interests between Turkey and the US, problems of refugees and borders, a Turkish-Greek conflict, a possible Igniting the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict, in addition to the challenges that Russia faces locally and internationally, especially after the amendments approved by the Russian Duma that gave the Russian President the ability to remain in power, the Nile Basin crisis regarding the Ethiopian Dam project, which might Ignite a military conflict between Egypt and Ethiopia, the continuation of the Libyan war, the situation in Yemen, and the fate of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in light of the adventure of its young crown prince Muhammad bin Salman and his quest to be the King, and how things will go in Iran, which is also being exhausted by US sanctions, at a time of coronavirus reaps a large amount of people there including high figures in government, parliament, and military.

Also, the deteriorating situation in Iraq that pushed people out against the status quo, which is the same situation in Lebanon, which stands on the brink of an economic abyss.

Will it be imperative to start a war in this volatile region already full of crises, perhaps it will be an escape plan for some crazy leaders.

We do not really know, but it is important to have a perception of the imperative of having a powerful force to control matters before it is too late.

When adults act like children, we cannot come and hold children accountable for their riots!

Maybe the appearance of coronavirus in the middle of all this chaos could be divine anger, it might be a response from God, and a warning message to mankind, if people do not play by rules, then nature will carry out different weapons to behave us.

There is no country, no matter how much power it is can stand a pandemic, earthquakes, or a tsunami.

God’s own, the Ultimate weapon of mass destruction, ready to be used at any time.

The United States and the EU cannot impose sanctions against God!