China records only eight new infections in Corona and South Korea, confirming that the country is experiencing for the first time a decrease in the spread of HIV infection

China on Friday registered only eight new infections with the newly created coronavirus, the lowest number in the country since the statistics on the outbreaks were released in mid-January.

Of these new infections, five were recorded in Wuhan (central China), where the virus appeared in late 2019.

As for the other three cases, two of them were registered in Shanghai and one in Beijing, and they were caused by people from abroad whose nationalities were not specified.

China now has 88 “imported” cases from other countries, which represents a new challenge for the health authorities.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health announced seven more deaths in the country as a result of the virus, bringing the total number of deaths to 3,176 on the Chinese mainland.

South Korea announced on Friday that it had recorded the lowest number of new cases of the newly emerging virus in three weeks.

The Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that for the first time, the number of new patients exceeded Thursday.

In total, 110 new cases were recorded Thursday, bringing the total number of injured in South Korea to 7979.

On the same day, the number of patients who had fully recovered and been discharged from hospitals increased to 177, according to the source.

However, Prime Minister Chung Si-kyun said that the government “should not feel at ease”, stressing that “the battle against the coronavirus is now a global battle.”