After accusing the US military of spreading coronavirus… Chinese Foreign Ministry comments on the statement of “Zhao Lijian” and confirms that the case belongs to scholars

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Gin Xuan, stressed that the source of the Corona strain must be determined by scientists, this came in a comment on the alleged role of the US military in the spread of the emerging virus.

Guin Xuan refused several times, in a press statement made today, Friday, to clarify the tweet of his colleague, the other spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Zhao Lijian, in which he considered that the American army may have introduced the new strain of the Corona virus to China.

Referring to the direct response to this question, Gin Xuan pointed out that the international community has several different opinions on the source of the virus, which the World Health Organization declared a pandemic at the international level.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman also stressed that the issue of the source of this epidemic is related to science.

The statement came after Zhao Lijian posted a tweet in English on his Twitter account saying, “When did the disease appear in the United States?

How many people were injured?

What are the hospital names?

Perhaps the US military brought the epidemic to Wuhan… be transparent!

Declare your information!

America owes us an explanation”.

This assumption, which caused a widespread media sensation, came in the comment of the Chinese official on a confession made by the director of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, during a hearing in the House of Representatives last Wednesday, that some Americans who apparently died from the flu, The postmortem diagnosis revealed that they were infected with the coronavirus.