Turkish Foreign Ministry: We are working to convert the cease-fire in “Idlib” to a permanent cease-fire, and a delegation from Moscow in Ankara to discuss the Syrian file

Turkish Foreign Minister Mouloud Cawushoglu said that his country is currently working to convert the temporary ceasefire in the Idlib province of Syria to a permanent one.

This came during statements to reporters before the Justice and Development Party’s parliamentary bloc in the capital, Ankara.

The Turkish minister announced that a military delegation came from Russia to Turkey to discuss developments in Idlib.

He continued: “A Russian military delegation came to Turkey, and they are currently discussing the measures that will be taken to open the” M4 “road to passage safely.

Cawushoglu noted that Turkey had issued the necessary warnings following minor violations of the ceasefire agreement in the region two days ago.

Last Thursday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, held a joint press conference at the end of a summit they met in Moscow, in which they announced that they had reached a cease-fire agreement in Idlib.