Merkel: 60 to 70% of the German population will have to deal with the Coronavirus in one way or another

“60 to 70% of the German population will be infected with the Coronavirus”, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, shortly after the meeting of the parliamentary bloc of her party, the Christian Democratic Union, began, to silence at the meeting, according to the participants.

On Tuesday, Bild newspaper quoted, according to what the opposite of the biographies translated, from Merkel’s speech at the meeting, also saying: “In the Corona crisis, we face a challenge that we did not face before…

It really depends on us…

The main burden is borne by Jens Young, the Minister of Health; he is facing the challenge really well…

This is also a catalyst for the near future, because the crisis is not over”.

Merkel, who in the past few days had been repeatedly reported by Health Minister Jens Young (from the same Chancellor’s Party) as well as by Chancellor Minister Helge Braun, has reported reports from a doctoral specialist and honorary professor, indicating that more Occasions to slow the spread of the virus.

The German chancellor said that it is clear that Germany will continue to fight against the virus for a long time, so it is now important that the infection and spread stage does not accelerate rapidly, as this is the only way in which the necessary measures can be taken and that “we hope will become effective”, according to what was reported from Merkel.

The Minister of Health, Jens Young, confirmed the chancellor’s statement that 60 to 70% of the country’s population is expected to be infected if there is no development of an anti-virus vaccine.

Young men, who were described by the participants as “confident, clear and realistic”. indicated that 80% of all expected infected people will carry the virus with almost no symptoms.

According to young men, the course of the disease is a special problem for people over the age of 65, as they have to go through a difficult path sometimes in the disease and receive intensive medical treatment, and young men added that 28 thousand beds are now available for this purpose, and stressed the importance of maintaining the stability of the health system and life Social.

A reporter for the “Financial Times” newspaper, quoting a German deputy, denied that the advisor said that 70% of the citizens will develop corona, and said that she mentioned a more ambiguous and ambiguous sentence that “60 – 70% of the citizens will have to deal in one way or another with the disease”.