It is time for a Russian version on a new middle east

By: Syrializm Analytics


The middle east, which is the center of everything, every conflict, historical event, religion, wealth, power, etc… etc…

There is no secret that through hundreds or should we say thousands of years, and the world superpowers fight each other whether it be on battlefield, or in diplomatic & economic confrontations.

By the 20th century, the Middle East become, like a personal property of the Western colonialism, with its British and French wings, and they too, by chance, spearheaded the crusades against the Middle East in the past.

France and Britain dealings with what it considers a pure inheritance of their empires, and it now acts as a personal property, starting with the Sykes-Picot agreement dividing its states between them, drawing borders as desired in the benefit of the two powers, and granting part of it here and part of it there.

Iskenderun separated the Syrian territory and the entire northern part of historical Syria and granted it to its operatives in Turkey, Mustafa Kemal, who fulfilled what was required of him fully, by removing Turkey from its Middle Eastern and Muslim skin and turning it into a tail to Europe, join NATO, to be blockade in front of the Soviet Union to reach the middle East, and, I don’t know how, the Greek & Turkish soldier will hold the same banner & fight in any battle the US and the western European want them to be in!

It is well known that the borders that link historic Syria with what is known as Turkey (Anatolia) are natural borders that cling to the southern foothills of the Taurus Mountains.

On the other hand, Britain submitted Palestine to establish a state for the Jews over it, in fulfillment of the promise of its Foreign Minister in 1917, Lord Balfour.

Moreover, it continued to divide and divide wherever their power reached, all the way to the Gulf region, as the discovery of oil in it contributed to the intensification of obsession with the region.

Even, Iran was subjected to the same method, but at that time Iran were a servant of Britain and France, later the United State Until 1979, when they send their wanna be new servant Saddam Husain to attack them.

As usual, the US create a monster, to fulfill some sort of agenda, and later this monster gets out of control somehow to start its own agenda, so later the united State will join and bring others to help terminate that monster.

It is always the same game, they are playing it until this day, but obviously we’re all stupid, we still don’t understand it yet.

It is known historically that Britain didn’t occupy a country and leave it later, without leaving a crisis that turns into a time bomb that causes wars and massacres behind it, from India, Pakistan, Kashmir, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, to the problems of demarcation in the Gulf states, Iraq and Kuwait, Egypt and Sudan, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and many others, and all of them were caused by Britain.

After the United States assumed this legacy after the end of the Second World War, and applying the Marshall Plan, especially in the Middle East during US President Dwight Eisenhower, after intervening to stop the tripartite (British / French / Israeli) aggression against Egypt in response to the decision to nationalize the then Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser to the channel Suez, which was the last nail in the coffin of what is known as ancient colonialism, and here I am certain that the role of Abdel Nasser was the means that would get the United States to end the era of British and French rule to the world, and with Israeli collusion, to pass the torch of Imperialism leadership to the United States.

As a result, what was known as the Fertile Crescent project and the Baghdad-led coalition, which was led by Britain, fell after the success of the plan, which is the change of the old ruling regimes in specific countries, as happened with the fall of the monarchy in Egypt and the arrival of the army to rule, the same scenario that was applied in Iraq in 1958 in the bloody way that Iraqis have been accustomed to since ancient times.

We will not enter into a long historical narrative, although it is a deep and interesting topic, and without a doubt, it must be understood and studied its consequences to understand and know what is going on and what will happen in our world today.

Since the attacks of September 11, which were a delicately drawn plan to change the reality in the broader Middle East region, which has brought the region into chaos, which was broth to us during W. Bush reign of terror, by his black witch Condoleezza “Condi” Rice, with the new Middle East project within what is known as creative chaos, which was the immediate act after the events of 9/11, which it was not more that the start sparkle.

It is a systematic act, in terms of occupying Afghanistan and being in a sensitive area close to China, Russia and Iran, and then invading and occupying Iraq, so that US forces will be on the eastern borders of Syria.

Since then, the Middle East has come under the control of the direct military presence of the United States, since the presence of its forces in the Gulf countries has not been sufficient since Saddam Hussein’s occupation of Kuwait in 1990.

After the chaos of the Arab Spring events, the region became more drowned in the chaos that undoubtedly caused by the United States for many purposes, it is sufficient to mention two of them, and they may be the basis of US interests in the region.

  1. Ensure that America quietly controls the area of ​​wealth
  2. Ensuring the security of Israel, and the necessity of the absence of any state that possesses a military or economic threat to the existence of the Zionist state.

Before I continued the conversation, I found myself compelled to tell a story that was reported recently by news agencies, especially in the United States, which is that the American armed forces decided to transform the Israeli iron dome system that the United States purchased from Israel in order to attach it to the US air defense system.

The head of joint forces in the US army has turned the system into scrap, due to the Israeli side’s refused to provide the code for the Iron Dome system that the United States needs in order to the system to comply with the air and missile defense system.

Imagine, Israel is refraining from providing the code for the Iron Dome system that was sold to the United States, forcing the US military to refrain from using the system and turning it into scrap!

We live in a decadent year compelled by economic reasons and under the threat of American arms followed by its European tail, as the European Union countries are nothing but a servile servant behind the United States, just follows Uncle Sam’s orders are implemented it without hesitation, and after that we hear voices from some of the crazy people from the rulers of the European Union and they Blow our ears with statements about freedom and independence!

For all these paradoxes, and to confirm all events, we realize that the United States is using all methods to subjugate any country in the world that refuses to be a follower.

Threats, sanctions, and even direct military intervention have been imposed against any country, saying no to the United States.

Even countries like China and Russia haven’t escaped US arrogance.

The United States is chasing Russia, and it is chasing China and many other countries.

The US negotiated with the Taliban, and Mr. Trump today doesn’t mind even the Taliban coming to power to get rid of the corrupt Afghan government that has been stealing money for years, and I really don’t know who brought the Afghan government men to come to power in this country in the first place?

In Syria, its support for anyone who is a terrorist is crystal clear, turning Iran into a demon to continue blackmailing the Arab Gulf states, fears the Chinese economic and technical beast, and plays with all the cards that can be in its hands to preserve chaos (the creative chaos in the Middle East).

All of this must change.

After the Russian intervention in Syria to stop US terrorism, yes US terrorism, Russia now has the right to impose a completely different equation when the United States compels the region to accept it.

If the people and rulers in the Middle East region don’t have or don’t want to have independence to lead their countries and invest their wealth by themselves, and that we’ve experienced the Middle East scenario by American perspective, and results were clearly visible, Its logic to say that, how about, perhaps see Russia brings together the diaspora of the influential countries in the east to form a new image to the world who is tired of the arrogance of the United States and its remaining followers.