Map showing the ‘Moscow Agreement’ in Idlib and its lines of contact

News sites shared a map showing the Syrian army’s control to date on Idlib.

This comes after the ceasefire in the de-escalation zone in this area, which was agreed upon Thursday, between the Russian Presidents, Vladimir Putin, and the Turkish, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, entered into force.

The sources said that this is the last map of control until an hour after the announcement of the cessation of hostilities.

It shows the old and last control of the Syrian army in dark red and light colors, the control of terrorist groups in green and the range of Russian-Turkish joint patrols with a width of 6 km in yellow from both sides of the road, which was not explained if What was 6 km from each side or from both sides, which will be installed in the final map, a week from now, when the patrols are to start.

The sources made the following observations:

– The safety belt range for the M5 road is between 9 km and 4 km from the western side of the road.

– 14 Turkish points remain besieged within the areas controlled by the Syrian Arab Army.

The military attache of the agreement will explain how to deal with the northern section of Jabal Zawiya, located between the M4 road area and the Syrian Arab Army’s control area in the southern section of Jabal Zawiya and the fate of the terrorist groups present in it.

The military attaché of the agreement will explain how the displaced people return and safe passages for them.

– The military attache of the agreement will explain how to deal with violations of the cease-fire and the right of response to the Syrian Arab Army.