Media close to the Kremlin: Erdogan missed the opportunity… The worst thing for Putin is hypocrisy

A media close to the Kremlin announced that Moscow had given Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan an opportunity to implement the Sochi Agreements on Syria, before his meeting with President Vladimir Putin, but he was not trying to create a suitable atmosphere for that.

Dmitrii Kisilov, general manager of the Russia Sigodnya Foundation, said, within the program “Vesti Nedeli” on “Russia 1” channel: Libya launched military operations against the Syrian army, without taking into account Iranian views, and after receiving verbal sympathy from NATO only, he embarked on a perilous adventure that gladly pushed him to the United States for revenge.

Kisilov noted that Erdogan in his relationship with Russia is “making a mistake after another” taking into account his apology for the downing of the Russian plane “Su-24” in 2017.

He continued: “Russia is still acting with a policy of restraint, leaving Erdogan an opportunity, but the Kremlin clearly has limits of patience, and certainly one of the things that Putin does not like is lack of commitment, but for him the worst is hypocrisy”.