The Syrian army is regaining most of the opposition areas in Aleppo and Russia is working on a cease-fire on its fronts and Idlib

Syrian official media reported today, Sunday, that government forces have taken control of most of the areas controlled by opposition fighters in Aleppo province, achieving a new great victory in the Russian-backed attack.

The military media of the Syrian army announced on its Facebook page that the army has completed the cordon and security of the city of Aleppo and is surrounding the Turkish observation point located in Jabal Andan in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo.

The Syrian “Al Ikhbaria” channel reported that units of the army imposed a cordon around the remaining remnants of the terrorist organizations in a few areas in Aleppo countryside.

The army expanded its control near Aleppo to include villages and towns in the western and northwestern countryside of the city, including the city of Andan, the village of Maarat Al Ateeq and the town of Huritan.

The army has previously liberated the villages of Kafr Dael, Mansourah, Tel Shwayneh and the areas of Al Hallaqim, in parallel with its control of the village of Al Rukaya, to the northwest of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib countryside, after eliminating the last terrorist gatherings there.

Activists said that Russian warplanes launched heavy air strikes on this area today, Sunday, and that the bombing included cities including Andan, which were controlled by Syrian government forces backed by Iranian-backed factions.

A field commander fighting with the Syrian government forces, who refused to reveal his identity, said, “The Syrian army took control of the two towns of Bayanoun Hayan and wounded the Ma’arat Al Ateeq in the northwestern countryside of Aleppo in parallel with the control of the old Justice Palace building, the Nana’i square, and the vicinity of the Great Messenger Mosque on the outskirts of the Al Zahraa neighborhood in the north West of Aleppo”.

“Dozens of opposition fighters fled towards their areas of control in the western countryside of Aleppo before tightening the cordon on all of the area from the villages of Anjat and Qebtan Al Jabal”, the field commander confirmed to the German News Agency (dpa).

The field commander explained, “By controlling these towns and villages, the city of Aleppo has become somewhat secure from the missiles of the armed armed groups, thousands of which fell over the city’s neighborhoods”.

For his part, a military commander in the Syrian opposition revealed to (DPA) “After the government forces expanded their control and secured the city of Aleppo and the Aleppo / Damascus highway road, Russia is currently working through its contacts with Turkey on a cease-fire that includes the Idlib and Aleppo fronts and setting an arrangement A final for the region before the end of this month, which is the deadline set by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and the dissolution of the Headquarters for the Sham Liberation / former Al Nusra Front / and all the organizations that Russia views as strict.