Bild am Sonntag: American ambassador to Germany: sanctions against “Nord Stream 2” is a pro-European resolution

The US ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, rejected the German federal government’s criticism of the US sanctions imposed against the project of “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline.

“15 countries, the European Commission and the European Parliament have all expressed their concerns about the project”.

Grenell told the German weekly Bild am Sonntag in its Sunday edition.

The American ambassador in Berlin continued: “For a long time we have heard from our European partners that the United States is supposed to support them in their endeavors.

Therefore, it is a matter of sanctions that are totally pro-European.

Grenell also said that many diplomats in Europe have expressed their gratitude for the American government’s action.

The “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline will transport gas from Russia to Germany from next year, and while the federal government supports the project, the United States and several European countries strongly reject it, and Washington says Germany and the Europeans are turning strongly to depend on Russia.

Despite German resistance, the United States imposed sanctions on the companies involved in the project.

Critics of the sanctions assume that the United States wants to sell the more expensive US gas, and then put pressure on it.

It is noteworthy that Olaf Schultz, Deputy German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Minister of Finance, described the US sanctions as “a dangerous interference in the internal affairs of Germany and Europe and their own sovereignty”.

But the German government plans to avoid imposing countermeasures, according to its own data.

The American ambassador to Germany emphasized that the American position was already represented by the previous government under Barack Obama, and said: “The goal has always been to work for the diversity of European energy sources and to ensure that no country or source can have a very strong impact on Europe, through energy”.

Grenell added that the US government is very happy that “the companies involved in the project have shown a reaction”.

It is noteworthy that a Swiss company transporting pipes through the Baltic Sea on private ships, had announced the suspension of its work on the gas pipeline until further notice due to the sanctions.