Merkel respond to a question posed by deputy for the right-wing alternative party regarding her stand on open borders policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel again defended the German government’s decision not to close the country’s borders during the refugee crisis in 2015, and she said Wednesday, in response to a request for a parliamentary briefing: “I think Germany has helped a lot of people who have been lost in ways, and I think that this needed the concerted efforts of society entire”.

Merkel’s response came to the question of Gottfried Koryo, Bundestag’s deputy in the German parliament for the right-wing populist party for Germany, whether Merkel bears personal responsibility for more than 800,000 crimes that investigations revealed were committed by migrants between the year of 2014 and 2018, the crimes that Koryo felt could have been prevented by securing the borders.

Merkel added that the German government has sought to regulate and direct immigration, and will continue in these endeavors, and said, in light of applause by a number of members of Parliament, headed by members of the parliamentary bloc of the Christian Democratic Alliance to which it belongs, that these statements also confirm that “this work didn’t It goes to waste but shows success”.

“Here, too, I am delighted to occupy such an important position”, Merkel said, stressing at the same time the varied ways of assessing what happened in 2015 and the years that followed.